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Plans for BUILDING A RIBBON MICROPHONE - From Rickshaw Records


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Q. How Much do they cost to build?

A. The Omnis

The omnis are by far, the cheapest microphone to build - especially utilizing the XLR JACK HACK.

The electronics, including the capsules only cost $7.36 (shipping not included) for TWO microphones.

 Grille material is $17.00 and aluminum tubing is about $5.00. You will have enough grille material left over to make many microphones. That's why it's a great idea to by all three sets of plans. You'll be able to put together a pretty good mic. You could also get creative and create the grille from other material (a metal strainer for instance).

If you build them to look just like the picture below, it will only be about $25.00 - for the first two.

These microphones rival microphones costing hundreds of dollars.

Omni Pair
Only $7.00


A. The Large Diaphragm Microphone

The cost of the electronics, including the capsule, is about $40.00 for one Large Diaphragm microphone.

If you choose to build one microphone and build it exactly the way the plans specify, the most expensive parts will be the body and mesh. Brand new, the tube costs $42.00 dollars for two feet. You could make four microphones with two feet of tubing and have some left over. The mesh for the Grille of the body costs about $17.00. Again, you'll have lots left over.

The finished microphone is a beauty!

LDM Glowing
Only $9.50

special deal:
Since there will be extra leftovers of mesh, etc. it probably makes sense to buy both sets of plans.

Buy both plans for $15.00

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