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Plans for BUILDING A RIBBON MICROPHONE - From Rickshaw Records


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Instructions for building these Microphones.

These microphones can be built by anyone - even if you have limited knowledge of electronics and machining. I am not an E.E. (or a machinist), I'm a sound designer and musician who needed some specific microphones.

This is an awesome gift for the electronic/audio/musician DIY person!

No Major electronic or mechanical knowledge is required... Everything is plainly explained and illustrated.


 Omni Microphone Side Address Microphone
SD cardioid microphone
Check out free sample page 

Omni Microphones

Check out free Sample page

LDM Side Address
coming soon

Lipstick Cardioids

What do you get? 

  1. Schematics

  2. Perfboard illustrations - to show you where the parts go!

  3. Complete breakdown of how to build the microphone body! Tricks and hints so that you do it right the first time. This alone is worth the price of the plans.

  4. Printable Templates for making markings etc. for the body parts, grille mesh etc.

  5. B.O.M (Bill of Materials) - Cut and paste this list to the specified electronics websites (all the info is included) and get an automatic parts list, cost, etc. ready to be purchased! This will save you a lot of time and effort!

  6. The XLR Hack!: this 'hack' saves more money per set of microphones than the price of these plans! (This is for the Cardioid and Omni Microphones)

    Exact specifications on the parts and exact info on where to purchase them. Get the right parts the first time!

  7. Close-up photos of every step of the process for clear reference!


These microphones originated from my frustration with wanting to do professional recording but not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars on a microphone.

I did a lot of research and found that it is entirely possible to build excellent microphones for a fraction of the price of buying them!

Don't believe supposed "audio experts" who say it can't be done.

I've created three detailed DIY instruction sets that show you exactly how to build these microphones. 

Please note - this is not the "$20 dollar microphone" that originated in a prosoundweb article. While that is a decent circuit for some things, these are truly professional microphones - balanced, phantom-powered electret-condenser microphones. They have very little self-noise (they don't hiss) and have very detailed sound. These are the real deal.

The circuits for these microphones are based on the famous Schoeps circuit. You can find the schematic if you search online. There are a few adjustments for each type of mic, but basically --  that’s the circuit. It's a great circuit - tried and true. You will find it in many professional microphones. I’m telling you this because I don’t want anyone to think I’m ripping them off.


It would take you days of serious research to find all the info and parts in these plans. Not that I don’t recommend doing that – it’s fun...  and there are some great people out there making microphones -- but here is everything in one neat package; incredibly well documented, including things that are specific to these microphones; things you won’t find elsewhere.

You will save much more time and money with these plans than with trial and error.

I know - I invested hundreds of dollars in mic-building projects that didn't come out quite right. Far more than just a circuit, these plans are A-Z on building a microphone, inside and out.

Also, there's no reason that you can't use these plans and modify them to your liking.


Check out a free sample page.


 Omni Microphone Side Address Microphone
SD cardioid microphone
Check out free sample page 

Omni Microphones

Only $7.00

13 pages
Check out free Sample page

LDM Side Address

Only $9.50

19 pages

Lipstick Cardioids

only $7.00
(coming soon)

Special: Purchase Omni AND LDM plans for only $15.00!

 (32 pages of plans/templates/diagrams)


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